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    There may be a certain point in people’s lives when they have a car or some other vehicle that they no longer want. The reason could be that vehicle is not running well, or it is so old that you do not further want to keep it and replace it with a new one. You have not sold it because you have not got the demanded price or since the car met with a major accident, it was written off by the insurance association. This is when you may think of calling up car removal services to junk your car for you.

    When you have decided to get rid of your old car, all you need to do is to search for a reputed car removal company in the market that will be ready to pick the vehicle from your home. However, there are certain points that you need to consider when searching for a service in your area to take your car. There are quite a few reputable services providers that carry out car removal in Auckland and they will only be happy to remove your car for you too. However, there are certain things you need to do before they pick your vehicle from your parking. The guide is imperative for the car removal companies as well as the Road Traffic Authority.

    1. Ensure a place to pick the vehicle

    The main point is to assure that there is enough space in your area for the hauling truck so that you will be able to get it near your car. Request neighbors to move their cars or other modes of transport so that the truck can get to your car. In case your car is in such a place where the wrecker of the car wrecking company cannot reach, then you will have to make your arrangements to move your car.

    2. Remove all personal belonging

    It is your responsibility to take away the number plates of the car. What’s more, make sure that you have not left any personal stuff or belonging behind in your car, they could be personal papers, a radio, or other extra trimmings that you had fixed in your vehicle.

    3. Ask for recommendations

    It is very imperative to select the relevant service to take your car from your home. For this, you can either take recommendations from your friends for the names of reputed companies near you that they have dealt with or browse the internet for well-known organizations. Once you have made a list of companies, talk to them and get client referrals, so that you can inquire about them to their previous clients. You must also ascertain that they will take away your particular car, as certain services do not take away certain modes of transport.


    Characteristics of a good company

    Any good company that takes away cars either to the junkyard or to get rid of them as scrap will necessarily ask to see your identity to prove that you are the legal owner of the car. This is because they would not want to get into difficulty for taking away someone else’s vehicle.

    Before the workers of the company you have chosen arrive, clean out your car, removing all identification documents, to guard against possible fraud, data breach, or theft, included personal items. Furthermore, it is advised to remove the license plates. The junk car removal workers will load your car on their haul truck and take it away to clean, by ensuring that all usable parts of your car, especially the steel components, are recycled. Once the scraps car extraction company has your car at the metal recyclers, liquids are drained, the tires (also recyclable for other purposes) are taken off and the battery is removed from the vehicle.

    In common, the renowned companies will not take any fees for hauling away your car and will have prompt services in terms of taking away the vehicle within a matter of two or three days at the latest. Hence, depending on the current state of your car the scrap car removal company will take the car to pieces and sell the various parts at scrap value or they may have tie-ups with other mechanics or dealers of the same industry who will take various parts of the car for other uses.

    Companies that take away vehicles should also be aware of environmental hazards that can occur as there are toxic elements in a vehicle that should be disposed of in the right way so as not to pollute the atmosphere and the ambiance.

    Do remember that whatever the condition of your car, it is always worth some money and some of the really good services will ensure that you get a decent price value for your scrap car.

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