• About Bamian Auto Parts

    Bamian Auto Parts is a family business with humble beginnings. The company was founded by two brothers who saw an opportunity and began to toil away to make their vision a reality. After 13 years in the business, Bamian Auto Parts is one of the leading vehicle dismantlers in Auckland.

    What started as two brothers has now turned into a team of 15 employee’s, from all walks of life. We are proud to be able to employ New Zealanders and do our part in making New Zealand’s economy more prosperous.

    We base our business on family values because we know how important it is not only to do business but do business with integrity.

    We want your experience with our company to be second to none.

    If you have any queries please contact us on info@bamianautoparts.co.nz or 0800 226 426

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